Are you ready to feel confident in your appearance?

Not just confident in the traditional sense - I'm talking about you feeling excited to get dressed and face the world confident!

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I understand how it feels to not feel your best.

I grew up with the principle that image was important. It was engrained into me, yet I didn’t have the resources to obtain the same quality and quantity of clothing that my peers had.

I was so into fashion that I was single-handedly doing my grandmother’s clothing shopping for her at age 10! But, there was always a tight budget. For myself, for my grandmother, for my siblings.


I had to get real creative real quick:

I learned to make the clothes I got from discount stores look like they came from boutiques.

I began to look like I owned more clothing than I did because I was able to mix, match, and style pieces in different ways.

I cherished what I had because I never knew when I would be able to get more, so I took good care of everything.

In adulthood, that desire to “fit in”, look your best and feel your best never goes away. So I practice it every day and it is my purpose and honor to help you do the same!

As your personal style coach, I am by your side gently nudging you out of your comfort zone and into your fabulously confident, unapologetic, fashionable self. Investing in personal styling is investing in yourself.


Client #1 is really evolving into womanhood.  A new homeowner, newly engaged and a career woman it was truly time for her image to reflect her evolution. Her current job has her wearing a uniform 5 days a week, leaving her weekend wardrobe a bit too casual. “Errand” and weekend outfits typically consisted on tees, jeans and sneakers. My mission was to get her key versatile pieces that be worn casual on the weekends and then double as business casual pieces for business meetings at work. I wanted to upgrade her very casual sneakers and tee outfits, introduce more accessories into her wardrobe and be sure she had at least one killer suit.


Client #2 bought this dress because she loved the color but wasn’t crazy about the fit. For this reason she never wore it, but she kept it because she felt like it somehow had potential. Well she was right! After seeing it on her I realized that the issue- the belt! The “belt” that came with it was really just a string and the belt loops were not situated in the right place for her frame. But a nice wide elastic waist belt that can be worn in any position (in this case the belt was better suited higher up, closer to her ribs) adds instant shape and color while dressing up her overall look! Top if off with a color pop statement necklace and a nude shoe to elongate her legs and she’s got a “brand new” dress!


Client #3 learned a new way of layering and what a great fitting pair of jeans can do for her figure! The most important aspect in her wardrobe was comfort so she wore a lot of baggy cotton and elastic waists. Trust in Tricia was able to find her soft denim pants and a lightweight jacket that really elevated her look, tied back to many pieces she already owned and were just as comfortable as her old favorites!


Client #4 took advantage of the Complete Makeover Package. After a shopping trip that included buying a new pair of jeans when she hadn't worn jeans in the last four years, she headed to the studio to get her hair and makeup done and styled for her glam Look Book photoshoot. I worked to transform her self-proclaimed "mom trap" yoga pants wardrobe into a new stylish mom on the go signature look.


Client #5 needed help mixing and matching the pieces she owned to get more use out of her wardrobe. The “before” picture portrays her wearing a blazer the way she always wore it, with an exact matching undershirt and dress pants in  the same color family. I paired it instead with pops of color, a statement scarf and updated pants silhouette to better reflect her personality and body type.


Client #6 hit the gym on a weight loss mission that he achieved. However, he was unsure of how to dress his new body type and kept wearing his old, oversized clothes. We got him a great fitting pair of jeans and bicep friendly button down shirts to celebrate his new look.


Client #7 got promoted to Vice President of the company he worked for. That means it was time to promote his work wardrobe as well! We decided to leave the bland and typical “office uniform” of a white button up and grey slacks behind and opt instead for polished layering pieces, mixing new patterns and color combinations.


Client #8 dresses up Monday through Friday for work. She has the professional look mastered, but struggled with her weekend attire. She wanted to be comfortable but still fashionable, and was unhappy with the fits of any of her jeans. Trust in Tricia found her a versatile pair of dark denim wide leg jeans that complimented her figure, as well as tops and shoes that she currently had in her wardrobe!


Client #9 is a young woman entering the professional world. She was in the midst of determining and pursuing a new career, and going through the interviewing process. With a several closets full of clothes, she almost had too many choices! She needed help ensuring her wardrobe reflected her new professional image, and letting go of some of her old college duds. Watch her complete Closet Analysis as it happened!

Before-After-Jenny (1)

Client #10 was treated as a star for the day during a Complete Makeover session where she was treated to wardrobe styling, hair, makeup and her very own photoshoot! Check out behind the scenes photos and her complete styled look book photoshoot.