“Tricia is the most professional stylist I have worked with, I was particularly impressed when she brought a look-book board to our last shoot for Fashion Industry Magazine and made our work easier. I recommend her with out any questions.”

Daniel Hernandez


“I had a Closet Analysis done and it was a wonderful experience! Tricia listened attentively and answered all of my questions. I told her that I feel like I shop for pieces rather than outfits and struggle with making outfits out of the pieces I own – and she helped me make TONS of outfits out of my pieces! Not only did she put together a bunch of outfits for me, but also she explained why she paired specific pieces together so that I can follow her example in the future. I especially loved her suggestion to stop categorizing my wardrobe into “casual” and “professional” (which left me with super casual outfits and super professional outfits and nothing in-between!). For example, she explained what makes a top an “any occasion top” and showed me how to use these in casual, dressy casual, and dressy outfits. This has really helped me to dress up my casual look, which makes my casual outfits much more appropriate for attending classes at my professional school. Tricia also helped me to make my professional look more age-appropriate. Overall, it was a wonderful experience that I would highly recommend!”


Medical Student

“Tricia was a highly-effective and energetic volunteer for our fashion fundraiser, Shimmer and Shine: Stepping Out to Cure MS. Tricia’s talent and expertise was an integral part of why our event was successful. She used her fashion savvy to connect us with high-profile judges, gave our event visibility, and was exceptional at coordinating the judging for our fashion walk-off, the highlight of the event. Tricia is extremely dependable and detail-oriented and was a pleasure to work with. Her creative touches took our event from ordinary to extraordinary!”

Kelly Tchorz

Accelerated Cure Project

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tricia on many photo shoots this past year. She has a superb knowledge and love of fashion that translates well to our collaborations. She loves to research new ideas and trends to keep our shoots on the cutting edge, whether it is a stylized boudoir shoot or a simple portrait session. Aside from her impeccable taste, she brings the party! Always in good spirits and ready to enjoy herself, she puts everyone at ease. It’s been a pleasure to work with her and I am excited to continue working with her in the future.”

Lauren Cloutier


“I get a compliment every time I wear an outfit Tricia put together for me! I am just not creative when it comes to clothes, each time I make a clothing purchase I buy an entire outfit and thats the way I always wear it. Tricia taught me how to mix things up and get more use out of the things I own. I didnt even have to make any additional purchases yet I feel like I have a brand new wardrobe! Thanks Tricia!”

Katie Pomeroy

AvalonBay Communities

“Ever wanted to have your own episode of “What Not to Wear”? Well, I had that with Tricia. She came to my home looked at my wardrobe and recommended what should stay or go. It was a much needed service as I transition careers. The process was easy. She emailed detailed instructions of recommendations with visual references of what she thought would complement me. I totally recommend her service.”

Moe D.

“Tricia is simply AMAZING! I have booked a closet analysis, shopping trip, and look book appointments with her. Every time I am amazed at how keyed into my sense of style she really is. She gets me and what I like. My look book is awesome – I never realized how many different pieces I had that would look good together. I would have never have put some of the things together…and as a result I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe without the credit card bill and I am not struggling to find something to wear everyday!”

Kara DeMarco


“My fiancé and I worked with Tricia for our engagement photos earlier this month and had a great experience! Tricia carefully picked out perfect outfits for us that complemented the style we wanted and the feel of the shoot perfectly. I felt like she really valued our input on what we wanted to wear and was full of great suggestions. What a huge help!”

Tracy Mclaughlin

Makeup Artist

“Money well spent!! Tricia listened to my needs and tailored her recommendations to meet them. Between her review of my existing wardrobe, plus the shopping session to augment what I already had, I feel like I have an entirely new closet, as well as a better sense of how to mix things up while still looking put together and professional. Her rates are very reasonable and her professional and creative attitude can’t be beat!!”

Sarah Lindenfeld


“I reached out to Tricia for her fashion savvy expertise to help prepare for a 7-day trip, and for her insight to amp up my style in general. I was nervous that my closet would not provide enough options or choices for a multitude of events (gala, luncheons, excursions, and “what if” scenarios), and having never collaborated with a stylist before, I was also apprehensive that if we needed to supplement any wardrobe or accessory deficiencies, my budget could easily be blown on luxury items. Tricia arrived armed with a travel rack, her radiant smile, abundant energy, and camera! Tricia immediately set my mind at ease, and she was mindful of my budget, my fashion comfort zones, and provided numerous coordinating ensembles for the trip as well as how to integrate into daily wardrobe options. Never once did I feel overwhelmed or pressured to purchase additional items. Tricia photographed the coordinating ensembles (clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories) and provided me with a look book of the outfits so I did not have to takes notes during our time together. Prior to Tricia’s fashion intervention, I had a feeling two weaknesses would be exposed: 1) limited jewelry options, and 2) outfits that are too matchy-matchy, or as Michael Kors may say, “a little too DTM (dyed to match)”. I typically wear the same necklace every day, rarely wear earrings, and never wear bracelets; Tricia uncovered this accessorizing blunder almost immediately. Tricia suggested options, and brought jewelry for me to visualize cohesive looks, yet I never felt obligated to purchase. Tricia brilliantly brought these items as a learning tool to help me understand “How”, “Why”, and “When” to pair certain jewelry with outfits. And yes, Tricia also noticed very early in our time together that I tend to match the shoes to the bag to the outfit. Tricia paired complimentary color choices and did not just piece the outfits together; Tricia took the time to help me understand “Why” certain colors can be combined, and “How” I can empower myself to make these daring and fashion-forward choices while never looking like a box of randomly selected crayons. At the end of our session, Tricia streamlined my haphazard wardrobe into a cohesive story, filled with options for every possible activity and event, and with an abundant color palate that retained classic elegance with a nod to the edge. Not only did I feel comfortable in my clothes and stayed within my budget, I felt like a million dollars knowing that I would present a fashion-forward image that was stylish, tasteful, and whimsical at times, yet still not losing my sense of independence or individuality. I felt totally confident knowing that I looked completely pulled together! I can say without reservation that Tricia completely took the guessing out of dressing! I absolutely look forward to the next opportunity to learn from Tricia, whether we are at one of her stellar style swaps, shopping in my closet again or in a brick and mortar store. Tricia listens to understand and she genuinely cares. I strongly recommend Tricia and her expertise as a stylist, and I can say unequivocally that I have total and complete trust in Tricia.”

Barrie Lynch

Mrs. Massachusetts-America 2012

“I hired Tricia to help me shop and the experience was great. I didn’t realize that while she was coordinating outfits for me that she was also keeping track of my budget, making sure we made the essential purchases before the others. That was honestly one of the best parts of it all. It was nice to see she knew how to shop on a budget and I truly valued that.

I learned a lot during our 3 hour shopping trip, some of those things were: how to coordinate outfits, what’s in style now, how to get creative and mix and match, and I also learned that the one store I thought had sizes and styles that wouldn’t fit my figure or my wallet was my favorite store of all and my preconceived notions were totally wrong. I’ve shopped at that store several times since my trip with Tricia.

Tricia is great, although our styles aren’t the same it didn’t matter because she knows the industry and she knows how to dress all people. She made me be more daring in my selection of color, but everything we bought suits me, my style, and my attitude.

She also saved me time!!! We walked into each store and she did all the work, I let her take total control and trusted her. If I tried something on and it didn’t fit then she’d run out and grab another size or color. Also, she was honest!!! If she thought I looked like a sack of potatoes, or if a pair of jeans were just a little too tight then she told me.

The experience was incredible and I’d recommend hiring Tricia as a wardrobe consultant to anyone!”

Jaki Selwyn

NAIL Communications

“I have had the great pleasure of working with Tricia on many occasions and each time the experience has been nothing but superb. Tricia has a great eye and wonderful fashion sense. She definitely knows her stuff!! She has a amazingly vivacious attitude and brings excitement and fun to everything she does!! Expertise and an awesome personality combined makes Tricia the top choice for all of your fashion needs!!”

Dominique W.