Welcome! I'm Tricia.

I am a Fashion & Interior Stylist who believes that a positive self image along with lifestyle organization are the keys to personal success.

Confidence is critical to reaching your goals. My focus is to help empower people like you through styling so you feel great and can show the world your true potential.

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As a child, my grandmother would take me to the mall with her when she needed a new outfit. She hated shopping, so she would sit outside of the store and read a book while I went in and picked out a head to toe outfit for her, complete with accessories.

Way back then, I knew that was what I wanted to do when I grew up, but I wasn’t sure the profession even existed. Many years later as an adult, I became intrigued with the movement to love your body’ the way it is. Fashion had gone away from waif models and ladies’s role models were now realistic versions of modern women. We were now being educated to dress for our specific body types and embrace our uniqueness.

This empowering movement ignited a spark inside me, brought me back to that little girl in charge of making her grandmother proud through fashion, and I knew there were so many other women I could help…thus began Trust in Tricia!

Us women wear so many hats everyday. The oldest of 5 siblings in a single parent home, I witnessed first hand my mother give everything to her children, leaving little time, money or attention to her own needs.

Modern day women have degrees, careers, families; and quite often put themselves last on the priority list. My passion is to change this, and to help todays superwoman fit in a little ‘me time’. We deserve to look and feel beautiful and powerful…because WE ARE!

XoXo ~ Tricia

Professional Bio

Tricia works one on one with her clients to help them customize a wardrobe that fits their lifestyles and body types, and ensures they are looking and feeling their best at all times. She also works closely alongside fashion industry professionals, styling their photoshoots, marketing campaigns and fashion shows, to help them portray their vision and promote their brands through fashion.

In 2011, Tricia expanded her empowerment efforts by putting together seasonal charity fashion events and teaching corporate fashion seminars. She began styling for TV in 2012, and also began working in front of the camera hosting her very own Style Segments for Style It Up and Comcast. In 2014, she added Interior Styling and Closet Design to her list of personalized services.

Tricia specializes in working with men, women, designers, photographers, business owners and more to help them individualize their image or brand and excel both professionally and personally.

Tricia has been featured in the press on numerous occasions. You can see all press here.