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“I hired Tricia to help me shop and the experience was great. I didn’t realize that while she was coordinating outfits for me that she was also keeping track of my budget, making sure we made the essential purchases before the others. That was honestly one of the best parts of it all. It was nice to see she knew how to shop on a budget and I truly valued that.

I learned a lot during our 3 hour shopping trip, some of those things were: how to coordinate outfits, what’s in style now, how to get creative and mix and match, and I also learned that the one store I thought had sizes and styles that wouldn’t fit my figure or my wallet was my favorite store of all and my preconceived notions were totally wrong. I’ve shopped at that store several times since my trip with Tricia.

Tricia is great, although our styles aren’t the same it didn’t matter because she knows the industry and she knows how to dress all people. She made me be more daring in my selection of color, but everything we bought suits me, my style, and my attitude.

She also saved me time!!! We walked into each store and she did all the work, I let her take total control and trusted her. If I tried something on and it didn’t fit then she’d run out and grab another size or color. Also, she was honest!!! If she thought I looked like a sack of potatoes, or if a pair of jeans were just a little too tight then she told me.

The experience was incredible and I’d recommend hiring Tricia as a wardrobe consultant to anyone!”

Jaki Selwyn

NAIL Communications

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